One can’t argue about tastes and trends change. Therefore create the style that suits you! Do you prefer the Classic rings, Boho Choc earrings, Oval necklaces or the Twin Bracelets? View our extensive collection and use the filters to make your right choice!

Boho Chic
Rosé Gold
White Gold
Yellow Gold

Boho Chic Ajour Amazonite

€ 2.165

Boho Chic Ajour Citrine

€ 3.305

Boho Chic Ajour Charoite

€ 2.475

Boho Chic Ajour Mother of Pearl

€ 1.775

Boho Chic Plain Amazonite

€ 1.580


At Choices by DL it’s all about the highest quality and craftmanship.

The bases and frames are available in 18 carat white-, yellow and rosegold in various, surprising designs. Mix and match them with different gemstones.

Boho Chic Plain Aqua Chalcedony

€ 1.570

Boho Chic Plain Labradorite

€ 2.530

Boho Chic Simplicity Amazonite

€ 3.315


Customize and combine your base any way you like through an ingenious system. without compromising on quality or design.

Free shipping and returns.

Boho Chic Simplicity Green Amethyst

€ 3.395

Boho Chic Simplicity Larimar

€ 3.575

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Made with care in Amsterdam
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