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Debora Huisman-Leeser

Choices by DL

Mix and Match any way you like! Choices by DL is all about the question why you should settle for one thing, when you’ve got Choices. This refreshing, unique and patented concept is a creation of Debora Huisman-Leeser, a fourth generation diamond and jewellery professional, who decided that today is not about choosing one style. It’s about flexibility.

The genius of Choices by DL lies in an accessible jewellery collection that puts you in control, to mix and perfectly match your personal jewellery wardrobe with any outfit through switchable jewellery items, anywhere and anytime you like, in literally split seconds, without compromising on quality or design.

Transform the crisp turquoise blue, less-is-more ring that perfectly matches your favorite blue jeans into a glamorous femme fatale look with the white diamond studded beauty of intense blacks, adding a touch of breathtaking brilliance that sparkles every eye.

The Choices are endlessly
and yours.

Be who you want to be, whenever you want to be, with Choices by DL. Choose the Classic, square model, or the more playful, oval Fly Me to the Moon collection. Customize and combine your base – ring, bangle, earrings, pendant or cufflinks – any way you like through an ingenious system.

Easily adapt your jewellery wardrobe, with matching earrings, rings and bangles, in an endless variety of styles, from casual, to city chic or diva feel. Combine and express your creativity by adding diamonds or natural semi-precious stones in a wide variety of colors, from intense blue, tender pink, cool purple or warmish yellow to stylish brown and timeless black.

Indulge yourself in lush, luxurious diamond specials for base, frames and stones or simply expand your Choices jewellery wardrobe in a box with the latest chic, through the continuously expanding collection of customizables of Choices by DL.

Experience the ultimate flexibility in jewellery through the endless variations of Choices by DL.

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